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Antiguan Experience

Saint John, Antigua

Antiguan Experience


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Enjoy visiting with a local Antiguan in their ancestral home, then visit a pineapple farm and later, relax and enjoy lunch on a private white sand beach.

Traveling from the pier, you will pass through one interesting village after another as you make your way to a private home with a wonderful history. As you approach the property, you'll begin to hear about the land and the story behind it. Before long, you'll find yourself on top of a panoramic vista that overlooks a valley dotted with a landscape of grazing cows and sheep.

While the home may look modest from the exterior, you'll be astounded once inside. Artifacts from the original settlers who bought the land in the 16th century surround you. The owner, who is also a direct descendant of the original family, will graciously walk you through the areas of her home that are open to you and will answer questions about her prized collections. Endemic trees and medicinal herbs are grown in the backyard and not only will your guide provide knowledge on the healing powers of these plants, but you will also enjoy a freshly brewed cup of herbal tea. There is no doubt that people of every age will be entranced here.

After your visit, you’ll re-board your transportation and head to a local Pineapple Farm where you will get to see the production of this important crop. During your visit, you have the opportunity to observe the fruit in all of its stages of growth. Perhaps take the chance to enjoy it later on during your beach stop. But before that, we’ll head to Fryes Estate where you can see two of the island's oldest Sugar Mills, although now in ruins, the setting remains immensely picturesque.

The day can’t end without being reminded you’re on a Caribbean island and therefore, your final stop will be at a beautiful beachfront setting. Whether you prefer to lounge on a chair in the shade of an umbrella and gaze at the azure blue water or jump into it, you'll love this refreshing time on a private beach of white sand. Families will surely enjoy the beach games or water sports activities while building up hearty appetites. Luckily, your free time on the beach is followed by a terrific and typical West Indian lunch. The food is tantalizing and the staff gracious and welcoming as you dine while enjoying the music of steel pans and a lovely local artist reciting poetry. No doubt, it will be with some reluctance when it’s time to leave and return to the pier.

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Note: Guests who wish to swim at the beach should wear a swimsuit under their clothing and bring a towel from the ship. Those who participate in any water activities do so at their own risk and responsibility.

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