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Nuestros competitivos estándares de servicio proporcionan un valor adicional con convenientes opciones de reserva y planificación de viajes diseñadas para que tu experiencia sea perfecta, ya sea por aire y por mar. Ofrecemos tarifas aéreas desde más de 200 ciudades de partida en Norteamérica para que no tengas problemas para llegar al crucero. For more information on our air service standards and other details about our air program please visit our website at:

Airline Policies & Restrictions
Terms are governed by the individual air carrier ticket contract and NCL's Guest Ticket Contract. NCL reserves the right to choose the air carrier, routing, and city airport from each gateway city. With the Interactive Air Program, NCL will provide options for a flight itinerary based on the available carrier airline routing options and the guest's preferred departing and returning gateway. Guests will be able to select their preferred flights with a $250.00 USD non-refundable deposit if reserved outside of the final payment period, in addition to the required deposit for the cruise. Full payment for the total reservation invoice is required if flights are reserved within the final payment period. Also, NCL reserves the right to substitute commuter service and/or charter air service for scheduled air carriers without prior notice. All terms and conditions governing NCL's Air Sea Program and the air transportation arranged by NCL will equally apply to such chartered air service. Under the Air promotion, flight schedules may not, in some cases, be the most direct, and connections, layovers and involuntary overnights in route may be necessary depending on the departure city and final destination. Los gastos que se originen por esperar un vuelo durante la noche (comida, alojamiento, traslados y artículos de uso personal) estarán a cargo del pasajero. Los horarios reales de los vuelos, la base de las tarifas y las normas correspondientes no se aplicarán hasta el momento en que se emitan los boletos. Airline tickets are issued on fares that are capacity controlled and highly restrictive. These airline tickets may not be reissued or exchanged for another carrier or routing. Airfares include all fees, surcharges, and government taxes. Under the Interactive Air Program, the selected guest flight itinerary will be booked immediately, but may not be ticketed until 30 days prior to sailing.

Asignación de asientos/servicio aéreo especial
NCL no puede confirmar la asignación de asientos. For seat assignment requests, please contact the airline directly upon receiving your flight confirmation. Once seats are booked or purchased directly with the airline, NCL cannot provide a refund, adjust, or amend those seat requests. Special meals, addition of frequent flyer number or other types of ancillary services related to your airline record must be made directly with the airline carrier. Please note, the policy applies to guests booking the Air promotion and the Interactive Air Program.

Baggage fees:
Airline imposed personal charges such as baggage fees may apply and are not included with your NCL Air booking.

Name changes or corrections
All guests must provide their complete legal name exactly as it appears on their required government-issued travel documentation at the time of booking. If your full legal name(s) does not reflect correctly on your cruise or flight confirmation, please contact Norwegian Cruise Line at 1-800-327-7030 or your travel advisor immediately.

Failure to provide your correct complete legal name prior to final payment will result in a non-refundable change fee of $150.00 USD. Flights booked without your complete legal name exactly as it appears on your required travel documentation may result in denial of boarding by the airline. In addition, failure to provide your correct complete legal name at the time of booking may result in new ticket issuance, in which guests will be subject to current air pricing and responsible for potentially higher airfare.

Excursiones en tierra
If you have received your flight confirmation and you are booking a post-cruise shore excursion, this excursion must end at least three hours prior to your flight departure time. Otherwise, your excursion may be canceled due to the flight departure time conflict. If the excursion must be canceled, a full refund for the fare paid will be issued. We apologize in advance if there is a subsequent schedule change by the airline that may cause a cancelation to your excursion.

Customization charges
Guests who prefer customized air arrangements should contact the Premium Air Service Desk at 1-866-625-1163 up to 110 days prior to sailing. These include requests such as specific airline carriers, routings, upgrades, or adding a specific stopover.

Under the Interactive Air Program, guests who prefer to change their previously booked class of service or would like to request an additional stop-over from what was originally booked will result in a loss of the $250 deposit for the Interactive Air flight. A new deposit will be required to change their booking and ticket guests on their preferred flight options as new tickets will need to be issued. Flight deviations within the Interactive Air program may be requested up to 110 days prior to sailing, but may result in a loss of the $250 deposit if changing a previously booked flight under the program as previously stated. Additional fees, charges and taxes related to air transportation imposed by U.S. and/or foreign governmental or quasi-governmental authorities including passenger and airport facility charges, air departure taxes, foreign airport taxes, customs/immigration/security fees, airport service charges and inspection fees may be applicable. Please note, customization is not combinable with our Air promotion and is not available after tickets are issued.

Schedule changes after tickets have been issued
All air itinerary changes are the responsibility of the airline and are beyond the control of NCL. However, any air itinerary schedule change initiated by the airline more than 72 hours prior to your travel date will be managed by the NCL Air team. A schedule change communication containing your new flight information will be sent to the email on file. If there are delays, cancelations, or any schedule changes within 72 hours of your departure time, or during your travels, you will need to work directly with the airline for re-accommodations. These changes are beyond the control of NCL. It is important that you reconfirm your flight times within 72 to 24 hours of departure on the airline website to ensure no changes have been made. Please note, the policy applies to guests booking under the Air promotion and the Interactive Air Program.

Flight Assistance While Traveling En-Route (Pre and Post Cruise)
In the event that your flight is changed or cancelled by the airline due to mechanical, inclement weather, strikes or any other involuntary reason, you should immediately advise an airline representative at the airport that you are a guest of Norwegian Cruise Line, and you are on your way to join a cruise. In most circumstances, the airline can arrange alternative flights at the airline counter, so you can get to the ship or the hotel destination. Please notify NCL through the "Flight Assistance Hotline" (contact numbers below) as soon as possible if a delay or cancellation. Please provide the agent with the new flight information, if applicable. Please note that air tickets cover flights from and to the vessel. Failure to travel on the outbound flight may resolve in automatic cancellation of the return flight.

Línea de ayuda en vuelos
800 456 7179 (From U.S./ Canada)
305 468 2029 (Outside the U.S./ Canada)

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