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4X4 Off Road Adventure - 2 person (per vehicle)

Cabo San Lucas, México

4X4 Off Road Adventure - 2 person (per vehicle)


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Zip off into the desert and along the sea in a two person all-terrain vehicle, accompanied by a naturalist that will enlighten you on the unusual landscape, flora and fauna.

After departing from the pier, you will follow a scenic route through the strikingly beautiful terrain at the tip of Baja California. The deeper you delve into the stark desert landscape, the more enchanting it will become, especially with your guide pointing out the unusual land formations and elaborating on the most fascinating flora and fauna.

Next, after receiving your safety briefing and signing your waiver, you will zip off into the desert in a 4x4 all-terrain vehicle that's ideal for negotiating the rugged landscape. As you drive along, you will pass through arid mountains, into deep canyons and follow the sand dunes that protect the beach-blessed coast.

You can expect a remarkably picturesque ride with the occasional stop for your guide to elaborate on the flora. Besides ever-present cacti, a variety of palms dot the landscape, as do damiana shrubs, whose serrated leaves are consumed as tea or infused into margaritas.

Back at the recreational center, Tequila tasting will be offered for those of legal age. Afterwards, you will transfer back to the pier.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes approximate 1/2 mile of walking that includes uneven paved surfaces, uneven natural terrain and an incline. Travel in the 4X4 will be rough and bumpy. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests, those with mobility concerns, heart, respiratory, back, neck or knee conditions or pregnant women. Guests should be in good physical condition. Light weight clothing that can get dusty, sun cap, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are mandatory. Minimum age for the drivers is 16 years and the minimum age to participate is 8 years. The local operator requires guests sign a waiver before being allowed to participate in the tour. Price is per Vehicle.

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Tours with this activity level involve physical exertion for extended periods of time; can involve uneven or steep terrain or swimming in a light current. Recommended only for physically fit and adventurous travelers.
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