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Pacoche Handicraft Wildlife Refuge

Manta, Ecuador

Pacoche Handicraft Wildlife Refuge


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Coastal Ecuador is largely covered in dry forest, which makes the lush green Pacoche Forest all the more unique and ecologically complex. Forests such as Pacoche once covered vast areas of the coastal region and were home to an enormous wealth and diversity of species. Now they have been reduced to a dispersed chain of forest remnants under constant threat and facing an uncertain future.

We depart the quayside and travel via the coastal route to the Pacoche trailhead. Along the way, we take note of the predominant dry forest and the stark contrast between the dry and wet forest areas delineated by what looks like an invisible boundary, the change is so radical.

The Pacoche Lodge, located next to the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge, offers a private glimpse into this fascinating ecosystem. During our guided hike through the forest around the lodge, we'll keep our eyes out for howler monkeys and dozens of bird species.

We will also see a “trapiche”, the machine used to extract juice from sugar cane, enjoy a quick demonstration of Panama Hat weaving techniques and see how the Ivory nut is used to produce a number of different eco-friendly end products – from traditional handcrafts, jewellery to shirt buttons.

After this visit we return to the ship.

Need to Know:

Note: As this excursion involves walking on trails with steep terrain and a significant number of stairs, it is recommended only for guests who are physically fit and without heart, hip, back or knee problems. Trails within Pacoche can be quite steep, and during the rainy season they can become muddy and slippery. Appropriate footwear is required. It is recommended that guests wear lightweight clothes, including a long-sleeved shirt. Wildlife sightseeing can´t be warrantied.

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