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Viaja en crucero por Alaska y contempla la aurora boreal

La aurora boreal es un fenómeno científico del cual parece que la mayoría de las personas sabe todo o no sabe nada en absoluto. Debo admitir que hasta que no me interesé por los cruceros por el mundo, no había oído hablar de esta maravilla natural con un nombre de lo más extraño. Pero si estás pensando en hacer un crucero a Alaska en esta vida, prácticamente te ruego que aprendas un poco sobre la aurora boreal, porque este fenómeno podría ser el motivo principal para que planifiques unas vacaciones en crucero con Norwegian.  

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What is Aurora Borealis?

Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) are magical bands of neon green light that spontaneously burst and dance in the sky. And there are only a few places on the globe where it can be viewed. Specifically, it occurs within the Northern Lights zone (at latitudes 65 to 72 degrees).

The Borealis is composed of solar particles shooting into the magnetic field of the earth and appear more than 60 miles above the earth's surface. Natives have believed the lights have a mystical force or even marked the appearance of spirits who have passed on.

Norwegian Bliss Cruise to Alaska
Norwegian Bliss Cruise to Alaska.

Where & When You Can See The Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis can only be seen from a few places in the world. One of the best viewing locations is Fairbanks, Alaska, which is why this landmark is one of the central highlights of a Norwegian Cruise Line tour.  In fact, Fairbanks is often voted as one of the top ten places in the world to witness the brilliant green waves of light. Some make the most of the expedition and travel to the small town of Manley Hot Springs to witness this amazing wonder from the view of a steamy spring-fed hot tub.

Although the full viewing season spans from March to September, you'll have the greatest chance of witnessing the Borealis' emergence in September, when skies are so much darker than during the summer cruise season. Incidentally, this is also the time when you'll find cost savings on your cruise since most families tend to vacation while school is out.

You Should See The Northern Lights

A survey by the Discovery Channel noted that seeing Aurora Borealis made it to more "bucket lists" than any other travel adventure. And it truly is an adventure - because its appearance from one sighting to the next is never the same. And you never know just when it will appear and where. But you can guarantee that you'll be somewhere in the wilderness. I like to think that chasing the Borealis similar to the adrenaline rush of storm-chasers who follow tornadoes - except, you're chasing a natural beauty, rather than a destructive force.

The sheer magnetism of the lights has inspired so many mystical tales, ranging from extravagant supernatural phenomena to theories about child conception (some believe that babies conceived under the lights will have higher IQs – just in case you want to test out the theory!)

Parque Nacional Denali, Alaska
Denali National Park, Alaska.

Although you may not be guaranteed a sighting, it's important to note that anytime is a great time to take a cruise to Alaska. June 21, for instance, is known for the Midnight Sun, not to mention warmer days for offshore excursions and exploration, especially through Denali National Park as part of the Alaska Cruisetours package.

It's easy to start checking things off on your bucket list, like seeing the most extravagant natural wonders in the world because Norwegian Cruise Lines knows how to make grand adventures easily accessible. See for yourself - take the first step and decide which Crucero por Alaska you’ll take. What's on your bucket list?

Northern Lights above Alaska
Northern Lights above Alaska.

NOTA DEL EDITOR: este artículo se publicó originalmente el 21 de diciembre de 2017. Se actualizó para incluir contenidos e itinerarios de interés.