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Reef & Wreck Snorkel

George Town, Gran Caimán

Reef & Wreck Snorkel


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Observe schools of brightly colored fish and other marine life while snorkeling a barrier reef and a shipwreck that serves as an artificial reef. The reefs off Grand Cayman are teeming with sea life, and you will likely see an abundance of creatures that may include stingrays and sea turtles, especially loggerhead and green turtles as their numbers have dramatically increased in the last two decades. Tropical fish are also plentiful and many of them are easy to identify because of their distinct colors. You might see brilliant blue tangs, neon-colored parrotfish and Spanish hogfish, a species whose colors change as they age. If you spot purple-and-yellow ones, they are juveniles. The shipwreck also attracts huge numbers of fish as it has provided them with a sheltered habitat for decades. Because it lies on the ocean floor just 25 feet below the surface, it offers an excellent, easy-to-reach snorkeling site.

• See an abundance of neon-colored fish and other marine life while snorkeling a reef.
• Snorkel around a shipwreck that now serves as an artificial reef teeming with fish.
• Look for loggerhead and green sea turtles, whose numbers have increased recently.

• Dress in weather-appropriate clothing with a swimsuit underneath.
• Bring a towel and sunscreen.
• Wear flat comfortable walking shoes.

Need to Know:

Note: Participants must be at least 5 years of age. Wear swimwear, comfortable clothing & shoes, bring sunscreen, hat & towel. Fruit punch & water available on vessel. Guests must be able to swim. It is not available to guests who utilize a wheelchair.

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Buceo y buceo de superficie

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Tours with this activity level involve physical exertion for extended periods of time; can involve uneven or steep terrain or swimming in a light current. Recommended only for physically fit and adventurous travelers.



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