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Andalusian Village Life & Traditional Tapas

Motril, España

Andalusian Village Life & Traditional Tapas


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Immerse yourself in the culture of a small, agricultural Andalusian town by touring an olive oil mill, walking around the historic downtown, and joining a local family for lunch.

Starting off from the pier, you'll drive west into the picturesque Andalusian countryside, past traditional Spanish villages and on to Alfarnate. Sheltered by mountains, the town lies on a fertile plain where olives, almonds, chickpeas and cherries flourish in the sun. Agriculture has long fueled Alfarnate's economy, as you'll discover at a mill that presses olives from a grove first planted more than 1,000 years ago. It's a fascinating process to watch, especially when you can sample the resulting olive oil, which has a distinct local flavor.

During the walking tour of Alfarnate that follows, you'll discover that the town also has its own character, rooted in a Moorish past. Alfarnate's architectural highlight is the 16th-century Church of Santa Ana, dominated by a three-level Mudéjar tower. Mudéjars were Moors who remained in Spain after the Christians returned to power.

Driving to Alfarnatejo, you will tour an ancient traditional home and be treated to a wine tasting. Still, there's no better way to understand the Spanish culture than through its cuisine and people and after your wine tasting, you'll be met by a group of local "mamas," and escorted to their family home where you'll sit down for a traditional meal. In all likelihood, you'll be joined by other family members as they return from work or school or for a siesta. You're welcome to wander about the house and inquire about the Alfarnate lifestyle during your visit and the families want you to feel right at home. Afterwards, you'll rejoin the rest of your group and board your coach for the trip back to Motril.

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Note: This tour includes approximately 2 hours of moderate walking/standing. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests and those with mobility concerns are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of stamina and ability. Weather appropriate clothing; sun cap; sunglasses; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Guests must be at least 21 years of age to be served any alcoholic beverages. The order of the sites viewed or visited may vary. For port calls of fewer than 9 hours, the individual visits will be shortened and the tour's total duration will be 7 hours.

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Tours por la ciudad y panorámicos

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Tours with this activity level involve a considerable amount of physical activity such as substantial walking over cobblestone streets, uneven or steep terrain, climbing stairs, or extended periods of standing. Not recommended for guests with physical limitations. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are recommended.
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