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Kahului, Maui

Cascadas en rappel


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Set off along the famed Hana Highway for a one hour ride to a botanical garden, where you’ll gear up and literally “learn the ropes.” Then you’ll begin your hike into a great canyon lined with 30- and 50-foot waterfalls that plunge into deep pools. Your first rappel is a dry one, down an easy 60-foot slope that starts gently and becomes steeper and steeper, ending with the descent of a vertical rock wall. You can do this rappel as many times as you need to before moving on to the first waterfall.

The hardest part is going over the edge, but once you're airborne, it's just a matter of letting the pull of gravity take over. You'll either walk down the cliffside or sail through the air, depending on the structure of the canyon. Swim in the inviting pools beneath the waterfalls before hiking a 300-foot ascent up a challenging jungle trail. Then enjoy a well-deserved lunch overlooking the valley, with panoramic views of the ocean.

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Note: Participants must be at least 10 years of age and weigh no more than 250 lbs. They must be in good health and condition, with no fear of heights. Minimum waist size is 22 inches, maximum 54 inches, to fit the harnesses. Bring a swimsuit and a change of clothes.

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Los tours con este nivel de actividad implican un esfuerzo físico durante períodos prolongados; puede que tengas que caminar por terreno escabroso o empinado o nadar en una corriente suave. Recomendado únicamente para viajeros aventureros y en buen estado físico.



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