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Cruise Shore Excursions for Every Type of Traveler

If you’ve sailed with Norwegian Cruise Line, then you know that half the fun of being onboard is getting off board to explore the El Caribe port cities on your itinerary. And of course, just as everything on your cruise is conveniently arranged and expertly appointed, so too are your island adventures.

By booking your excursiones en tierra with Norwegian Cruise Line, you never have to worry about transportation or navigation (Which way to Atlantis, did you say? How long does it take to get back to the ship?). You never have to fret about what food to eat (What’s up with that jerk goat barbeque on the menu?), and you certainly never have to wonder whether you’ll have a good time (Dolphin swimming, waterfall climbing, or forest bathing, anyone?)

In fact, the only trouble you will have is deciding which excursion to choose from. To help make things a little easier, we’ve broken things down and selected some of the most popular activities for travelers of every age.

Beach Kayak Tour

#1. Family Fun

When you’re at home, a day or weekend trip to your favorite lake or beach can quickly turn traumatizing for the parent who is planning for everything – making food, packing a day’s worth of supplies, and don’t even get started on the traffic and parking. This is why every family owes it to themselves to reserve a Norwegian beach excursion day.

Almost every port island offers an amazing shore itinerary. Great Stirrup Cay, a part of the Bahamas’ Berry Islands, is Norwegian’s starring port stop on its Bahamas and Caribbean cruises. The waters are sparkling turquoise, the sand is snow-white, and the average winter temperature is 75 degrees. Más aun, la isla fue cuidadosamente diseñada con el tipo de lujos que atraen de igual modo a quienes buscan escapar de la vida cotidiana y quienes buscan entretenimiento.

You can snorkel among the protected marine life (and maybe even spot a school of sea turtles), or quietly explore by kayak.  Perhaps my favorite part is the all-you-can-eat complimentary dining at Abaco Taco. Before or after your meal, you can chill on the 800 square-foot deck that’s built out onto Lighthouse Bar. Or for, a real Bahamian experience, you’ll want to sample the rum, which runs plentifully at the Bacardi Bar.

Stingrays in Cayman Islands

#2. Elder Adventures

We know that just because you're an empty nester and finally enjoying your private vacation time, doesn't mean that you're ready for the bingo or shuffleboard table. At, the same time, maybe you might be ready to pass on the rainforest zip lining. Or maybe sailing through trees is something you've already crossed off your bucket list.

If you’re seeking an adventure with more moderate exertion, then be sure to visit Stingray City in the Islas Caimán.  Don't be deceived by the name: stingrays are known for their gentleness, and they are extremely sweet despite their oddball appearance. Puedes nadar a su lado e incluso acariciar estas peculiares criaturas marinas que viajan en grandes cardúmenes y se congregan en las aguas poco profundas. It's a popular excursion for any age.

If you prefer land to sea, there are tour excursions in just about every port city. Cayo Hueso, Florida, for example, offers a terrific trolley tour that takes you through Old Towne, filled with fascinating history and humor about the Southernmost, outermost island of the United States.

Romantic Catamaran Sail

#3. Romantic Interludes

Santa Lucía, known for its lush foliage and twin volcanic peaks (The Pitons), is the perfect island escape for lovers. You might opt for a catamaran sail that skirts around the island. Or, for an intimate interlude, you can experience horseback riding on the secluded beach of Cas en Bas, with a majestic view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

And you won't have to worry about wandering too far. Experienced guides will help you navigate - but leave enough distance for you to enjoy your special time together. It's the perfect amount of having everything prepared for you, with the privacy you crave on your very special Norwegian Vacaciones En Crucero.


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