Will I incur roaming charges when making an onboard or off-ship call?

Calls and messaging must be placed from within the Cruise Norwegian App. To avoid roaming charges in general: • Place your device on airplane mode to avoid roaming charges. 
 • Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi connection and find the wifi network "NCL_Internet_[SHIPNAME]" • Select the network. • That’s it, Done. 
 Note: No password is required to connect to the ships Wi-Fi.

¿Cómo comunicarse con una persona en un crucero?


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What is the cost of the Phone and Messenger Package?

Can I place calls and send messages to another guest on the ship?

Can I place calls to my friends and family back home?

What number will display on the Caller ID when I place a call to a person off-ship?

Is there a voicemail?

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When will my Phone and Messenger Package terminate?

Whom do I contact if I have a question or difficulties with the Cruise Norwegian App?

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What is your Restaurant Cancellation policy?

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Do I have to attend the lifeboat drill even if I have cruised on Norwegian Cruise Line before?

What is my assembly station?

Should I wear my lifejacket when participating in the Life Boat Drill?

What is the timing of the mandatory safety drill?

Can I have an open flame?

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