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Lifou Vanilla House

Lifou, Nueva Caledonia

Lifou Vanilla House


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Discover how vanilla pods are cultivated and processed for export at a plantation and walk along a forest trail looking for Lifou's fascinating wildlife. Although the vanilla orchid originated in Mexico, it flourishes in the Loyalty Islands, where it was introduced in 1850. You will watch the pods being prepared step by step and gain an understanding of the economic importance of vanilla, which is significant on Lifou. As you will see in the plantation's gift shop, vanilla is readily infused into merchandise such as soaps, liqueurs and perfumes. Lifou is also known for its wildlife. Accompanied by a naturalist guide, you will meander through a forest where you may spot tropical birds, including endemic ones such as the New Caledonian cuckooshrike and two species of Lifou white-eye. The massive coconut crab is another creature commonly found in the forest. The name refers to its uncanny ability to crack open coconuts with its powerful pincers.

• Visit a vanilla plantation to see how this aromatic flavoring is derived from orchids.
• Recognize how vanilla is used in products such as soaps, liqueurs and perfumes.
• Follow a trail through the forest while looking for birds and enormous coconut crabs.

• Dress in weather-appropriate clothing.
• Wear flat comfortable walking shoes.

Need to Know:

Note: Excursions take place in non-air-conditioned buses and vans which are not fitted with microphones. There is no formal guiding qualification required for this port and in order to support the local community we use local escorts/students to conduct the excursions whose English commentary may be broken. Guided commentary may only take place at each stop and not during the drive between sites. Restroom facilities may be rustic. Tour participation is limited. Tour is not available to guests who utilize a wheelchair. Those guests with mobility concerns are cautioned to evaluate their personal level of ability and stamina.

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Tours with this activity level involve a considerable amount of physical activity such as substantial walking over cobblestone streets, uneven or steep terrain, climbing stairs, or extended periods of standing. Not recommended for guests with physical limitations. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are recommended.
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