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Paseo panorámico por Palma y fábrica local de perlas

Palma, Mallorca, España

Paseo panorámico por Palma y fábrica local de perlas


  • 4 horas

Take in the architectural highlights of Palma and visit a pearl factory to watch artisans create lustrous, perfectly formed Majorca pearls using a time-honored technique.

After departing from the pier, you will soon arrive at Bellver Castle, a spectacular Gothic landmark from the 14th century. Its round design is unusual among Spanish castles, and although seemingly impenetrable, the fortress never served a defensive purpose. It was used mainly as a prison. As you ramble about the hilltop castle taking photos, you will appreciate the origin of its name, which means “lovely view” in Catalan.

An introductory driving tour of Palma follows, during which you may spot the lovely Gran Hotel and the historical Theatre Principal, which was inaugurated in 1667 as the House of Comedies. In time, you will reach the village of Montuiri for a pearl factory tour.

Majorca pearls have been manufactured on the island since the 19th century and they are extraordinarily lustrous. The pearls are hand-made using a closely guarded technique developed more than a century ago. The pearls aren’t natural, so they tend to be perfectly uniform, a feature that’s especially noticeable in a long strand of pearls.

You will have time to shop for pearl jewelry before returning to Palma for more shopping or to explore gems such La Seu, the city’s Gothic cathedral. Its golden sandstone exterior with its flying buttresses is particularly fabulous as it was meant to demonstrate the might of Mallorca’s Christian conquerors, who built the cathedral.

Need to Know:

There will be cobblestone surfaces and a few steps to negotiate during the photo stop and at the shop. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests. Those with mobility concerns are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of stamina and ability. Weather appropriate clothing; sun cap; sunglasses; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Timing may vary but, always visiting the same sites. On Sundays and during local Festivities shops in the city center may be closed.

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